When Aslan Bears his teeth winter meets its death.
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She falls to her knees before Him, tears stinging her eyes as she tries desperately not to cry. She forces out her words past the lump in her throat. "How can You still call me Beloved when I've messed up so horribly?" The strain of holding back tears forces her voice into a whisper. "Oh, my Love. I'm so sorry." A gasping sob escapes her guard and she can do nothing but stare down at the massive velvety paws before her, as she waits for Him to speak.

"Have you forgotten My grace?”

Aslan questioned, though in the tenderest of intonations. His large tail was batting rhythmically back and forth along the tall blades of yellow grass. The autumn sun beamed against His fur, reflecting an even a greater light. His daughter knelled before Him, suppressing heaves. If only she would look into His eyes…

"Daughter of Eve, it is true you have sinned. You have offended and scorned Me. But it is My grace that will redeem you. It is nothing you have done, but all I have done. And I will continue to keep you. I do so to reveal My glory, that all may know I am the King. The Great King. And because I love you.”

December 12st

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  1. margueritemars said: It’s then that she truly loses control of her emotions, as if His words have obliterated the dam of her tears, as she begins to sob. She lays facedown before Him as she cries, fistfuls of grass keeping her grounded, her cheek against one of His paws.
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